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Cupping - deep tissue - masssage

Sports/Therapeutic Massage: Used to focus on condition specific massage using deep tissue, stretching with proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques, cupping,  and hydrotherapy techniques. Whether you are training for an event, pre or post event, injury recovery, or have goals to be feeling better doing the things you love, therapeutic massage will treat specific areas to alleviate discomfort and bring you back to peak performance. Condition specific massage helps to reduce tension and adhesions in the muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion in the muscles and joints, along with reducing muscular pain. It also allows the muscles and joints to get back to an even state. It provides relief for pain and discomfort which allows athletes and outdoor enthusiast to be at their peak performance.

Cupping: A technique using glass or silicon cups that utilize suction by removing oxygen. The suction pulls and lifts soft tissues which in turn creates space and loosens up the tissue. Cupping also increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, frees up stagnated blood, decreases adhesions, removes wastes and toxins, increases joint range of motion, increases flexibility, and decreases scar tissue post surgery or injury,

Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage:  A technique in which the client receives a very relaxing, deep yet broad massage. Using deep compression and long strokes along the body. Ashiatsu provides deep and broad pressure, improves posture, relieves pain and tension, increases flexibility, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces blood pressure, and increases circulation. Ashiatsu is great for relaxation that is also effective in treating tense muscle groups.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage: Indulge in a full-body relaxation massage to rejuvenate your bodies balance. Full body relaxation massage increases circulation, reduces muscle tension and reduces stress helping the body regain balance between the mind and body. Using gentle strokes to relieve and relax the body you are sure to walk out feeling renewed.

Prenatal:  Mothers-to-be deserve to enjoy the effects of massage to relax and reduce muscle tension in all of the areas that become affected due to that bundle of joy. The mother-to-be will be positioned side lying with additional pillows to support comfortability. Prenatal massage can decrease muscle tension, edema and relieve pain. Prenatal massage also helps mothers-to-be feel pampered, reduces stress and increases energy. Relax and feel comfortable with a mixture of relaxation and therapeutic techniques.