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Once again Michelle has transformed my pain racked body into its previous state. I highly recommend her talents to anyone seeking therapeutic relief

Nov 15, 2017
Customer since September 2017

I got a massage from Anna twice now. She is amazing. Very experienced. Able to adjust based on specific needs. Great mixture of feet, elbows, hands. Whatever is necessary. I have had some really bad back issues and I have never had so much relief before. Highly recommend.

Dec 31, 2018
Customer since December 2018

They got me right in. The therapist was very helpful and educated in her work. She even taught me stretches to help with my problem. I highly recommend this group.

Dec 13, 2018
Customer since December 2018


Michelle does a perfect job for me. Her treatment works for me. Michelle is a kind, considerate person as well as being competent.

Nov 29, 2018
Customer since June 2018

I came to address stiffness and pain in my shoulder and Michelle was professional and attentive to my needs. I appreciated being able to book an appointment online (for the very next day, no less!), everything was professional and organized, as well at peaceful and therapeutic. I will be back!

Oct 13, 2018
Customer since October 2018

Very knowledgeable when it comes to alleviating pain and targeting problematic spots. Will definitely be good by back!

Sep 3, 2018
Customer since August 2018

I am a paraplegic nd suffer a lot back pain. She listened and did exctly what I wanted. Very good massage. Will be going back soon

Jul 8, 2018
Customer since July 2018


I really enjoyed the massage with Michelle. She has a great feel for addressing tension in the body. Her energy is very positive. I would recommend this business to those seeking healing.

Jul 1, 2018
Customer since June 2018


I consistently have discomfort in my upper back. Michelle does wonders to help alleviate the pain. Also she does a great job of making me feel comfortable and at ease. Nice lady and competent.

Jul 1, 2018
Customer since June 2018


I had a deep tissue massage from Michelle, it was very relaxing and really helped me with some back/neck pain I was having.

May 8, 2018
Customer since May 2018

I had an amazing experience at Active Life yesterday. For the first time, I received an Ashiatsu massage which is where the therapist massages you with her feet. This style provided an amazing massage for me. The broad pressure from her feet was amazing. Michelle explained everything thoroughly, so I knew exactly what was going on. She was clean and careful. I will be choosing more Ashiatsu massages moving forward and recommend it for anyone who likes deep tissue.

Apr 30, 2018
Customer since April 2018


This is by far the very best massage I’ve ever received. And I’ve had a lot. Michelle’s ashiatsu massage is like no other; like I died and went to heaven. I cannot believe how relaxing it was, perfect pressure, great flow; I wouldn’t have changed a thing! I cannot wait for my next massage with her. I would pay double what she charges because it is that good! I’ll never go anywhere else. I have found MY girl!

Apr 27, 2018
Customer since October 2017