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Barefoot Ashiatsu


Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage:  A technique in which the client receives a very relaxing, deep yet broad massage. Using deep compression and long strokes along the body. Ashiatsu provides deep and broad pressure, improves posture, relieves pain and tension, increases flexibility, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces blood pressure, and increases circulation. Ashiatsu is great for relaxation that is also effective in treating tense muscle groups.  Ashiatsu is great for chronic pain in the upper and low back along with hips. The therapist does not use their full weight when working on the client yet balances with the bars located above the table.
The benefits of Ashiatsu include deep relaxation, stimulation to the lymphatic system, increase of circulation, elongates the spine, stretches shortened muscles, relieves muscular discomfort and pain, relieves tight muscles and stress, and improves postural deviations.

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